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Dive into WSDL

Everybody who is working with web service knows about WSDL document. WSDL stands for web service descriptive language and is used for describing a web service in language & implementation independent way. When I say language independent, means it is an xml document. WSDL document provides a detail description about a web service, about operation supported by web service, input and output parameter of an operation. With number of web service framework available, writing a web service is merely placing some annotations on business java class. Framework like CXF and others application server provides utility to generate a WSDL document using Java code and vice versa. With the use of utility we normally didn’t have to deal with different elements of WSDL document. But knowing about WSDL elements detail will help us to debug our application effectively.
I have created a sample web service project. You can access complete project from Git repository…